The Daughter In Law(9)

By: Jordan Silver

“Well Vanessa it seems you’ve found something else to do with your days since I can’t ever seem to reach you anymore.”

“Well you know, Damien just came home after being gone for so long, I think I need to spend all of my time on him for now. We have so much catching up to do.” Choke on that you putrid twit. I made sure to lean my head on hubby’s shoulder with a big smile on my face. She didn’t like it too much when he kissed my hair and whispered in my ear. Bet she was just dying to know what was said.

Mom kept the conversation going after that and it was soon time to head to the table.

As soon as we took our seats and opened our menus the witch started again.

“Damien why did you choose this place? You know I absolutely hate it here. The food is so…European.” She sniffed like that was a bad thing.

“Mom likes it here.” Oh shit, did he just call my mother mom in front of Stalin? Shit’s about to get real. I caught her glare in my direction because obviously it’s my fault that her grown ass son calls my mother mom. She could be pissed because I still call her Ms. Spencer. In the beginning when we’d first met and I thought she was halfway to human she’d told me to call her mom. I’d felt so special and welcomed then. That was before the claws came out and she started nitpicking everything I did, or criticizing my every decision. The woman even wanted my husband to deposit his checks in her account for safekeeping. Apparently I was not to be trusted.

“That I do son thanks for thinking of me.” Momma rubbed his cheek and I thought Atilla was going to pop her one; which would’ve been a really bad move on her part because mom would wipe the floor with her over inflated ass.

“I didn’t know you called your mother in law mom. Son.”

Clueless actually answered her like they were having just your average run of the mill conversation. “Yes I do, she asked me to and well, she’s my mom now too in a way.”

Oh please don’t let this bitch croak when I don’t have my camera. That’s the kind of shit you need for posterity’s sake.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy this was getting so good. Clueless had no idea of the shit storm that was brewing, hagfish was about to blow and the little skank that could was about to pop.

“So Vanessa I didn’t know you knew my friend Jasper Nash.” Here she goes, I wondered how long it would take her.

“He told me you two met at his mansion the other day, for lunch.” She sneered at me and I wanted to gouge her eye out.

“Yes we did, have you been there yet? it’s gorgeous. Especially the master suite, I had a lot of fun working in there.” I tried to keep a straight face but then clueless had to go and spoil it.

“Who’s this Jasper guy?” He didn’t look too pleased about this turn of events. I pulled his head down and whispered in his ear. “Remember the pictures I showed you of the mansion the guy wants to redecorate as a surprise for his new bride?”

“Oh yeah I forgot.” He was back to smiling again.

When she realized there were no fireworks forthcoming she went back to looking like she was passing a gallstone.

I was getting settled into my bouillabaisse when momma the shit stirrer really did it.

“So when are you guys coming out to New York, what day I mean? I hope you’re not just gonna come up Xmas eve. Your father and I are looking forward to having at least a week with you guys this time. We can go shopping a few days before and Dami we can take you ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, you’ll love it.”

“Wait what? what’s going on?” Haggie had her hackles raised. “You’re going to be gone for the holidays?”

“Yes mom, I thought we talked about this before. We spent Thanksgiving with you this year and we’re spending Xmas with Nessa’s parents.”

“Yes, well, I didn’t think anything was settled. Our family has always spent the holidays together. I’m sure Jackie and Dan wouldn’t mind if you came later; would you?” She looked at my mom. This lady really is ass stupid.

Before mom could answer I felt Damien tense beside me. “No mom, it’s settled, we’ve already made our plans.” Cue the hostile glares in my direction. I kept my head in my bowl because it was too soon to laugh in her horrid face, but the strain was killing me.

“Well now my dinner’s been ruined. I can’t believe you’d spring a thing like this on me just a few short weeks before the holiday. It’s very inconsiderate, and after all the trouble I’ve gone to to make it special.”

“Leave it alone Mabel, the kids have their plans set already. No sense in spoiling everyone’s evening.” Poor Clarence, he tries.

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