The Daughter In Law(8)

By: Jordan Silver

“Wait, I’m trying to decide which hole I wanna hit.”

In the end the cooch got the dick and he stuck some fingers in my ass.

“Oh shit baby right there, that’s my spot.” I was a cross-eyed bitch, shit. When the dick was this good it was almost worth it, almost.

I started doing my Kegel gymnastics. “Fuck Vanessa shit…” Now it was his turn to speak in tongues.

I knew he was gone when he shoved his way into my cervix and blasted as he growled my name. It was a long time before we could move. He pulled me down into his arms and kissed my forehead so sweetly it brought tears to my eyes. “I love you Vanessa baby, never doubt that.”

Take that Medusa.

Chapter 6

I took my time getting dressed that night. For the last few nights I’ve been working Damien’s dick like a pogo stick. He had no complaints. I still haven’t spoken to his mother since Thanksgiving dinner and she’s been blocked from all my social media. I know she must be tying herself in knots trying to figure out what I’ve been up to. I didn’t bat a lash when Damien asked her why she was calling so early this morning. Just went downstairs and made my man his breakfast with my sunny disposition. It was so relaxing not to deal with the toxic waste for the past few days. And having mom here has been great. We don’t spend our every moment talking about troggy, but having her here has shored me up some. It would be good if my husband was the one doing that but we’ll see.

I wore my new low-cut, tight fit mini black dress that left my back out and showed a hint of cleavage. I know my moocher in flaw would hate it. But when Dami came out of the closet after getting his shoes, he walked right up behind me and his dick was giving me the one-eyed snake salute. “Damn baby you look so hot in this. I’m not sure I can sit next to you all night in this. I’ll probably have visions of fucking you on the table all night.”

I reached back and rubbed my hand up and down his hardness. Then I got an idea.

Dropping to my knees in front of him, I unzipped his pants and fished him out and into my waiting mouth. “Shit baby, fuck.” I took my time playing with his balls as I let him deep throat me. I’ll have to fix my hair since he was making a mess of it but that’s ok.

The phone rang but I kept going. He didn’t want to answer but the person hung up and called again. I had no doubts as to who that could be. He looked down at me as if he expected me to stop. I just opened my mouth and showed him the string of pre cum on my tongue before I tongued his cockhead. When I heard ‘oh hi mom’ I swallowed that shit down my throat again.

I almost laughed my ass off at the strain in his voice as he tried to carry on a conversation while I worked my throat muscles around his cock.

“Mom I can’t talk right now I gotta…shit…no sorry…mom I gotta go.” I could hear her annoying screech from down here. He hung up the phone and grabbed my head with both hands. “I want to cum on your tongue.” He pulled out of my throat and shot off on my tongue. I swallowed like the good girl that I am before getting to my feet. I wasn’t done there though. I shimmied my thong down my thighs and stepped out of them. Running my finger through my sopping wet pussy I lifted it to his lips before stuffing my soaked underwear in his pocket. I hope she comes in close for one of her monsterly kisses and smell pussy on his breath tee-hee.

“Let me…”

“We don’t have time, you know your mom hates to be kept waiting, let’s go captain.” Yeah, think about that all night, how she kept you from eating the pussy, hahaha.

I made sure we were touching the whole way in the car to the restaurant. Mom and dad were just pulling up in their rental when we got there. We were gonna sit in the lounge and have cocktails until our table was ready, that was the plan.

“Oh Damien thank you ever so much for getting us reservations at this place, you know how much I love it here. You’re such a considerate boy.” He beamed at her praise as we were led to a booth.

Not long after, Beelzebub’s twin came in with her evil spawn Cruella DeSil. I said hello to his other sister first as she sidled into the booth on the other side of me. We were seated with mom and I flanking Dami, something I knew his momsie would not like one bit. The stern set to her jaw was a dead giveaway that we had hit our mark.

“Why Mabel you look amazing in that dress, what a flattering color on you.” Mom was all peaches and cream as dad and Dami stood until the ladies sat.

The conversation started off lightly enough with everyone exchanging pleasantries and asking after each other’s happenings since the last time we were all together like this. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she started her shit because she just can’t help herself.

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