The Daughter In Law(41)

By: Jordan Silver

And then just like that, it was there. I saw the look come into her eyes. That same rabid look an animal gets when it’s cornered or ready to strike. I didn’t have to see the gun to know she had it. She’s always been a good shot, came from all those hunting lessons she’d had as a girl. I daresay I got my shooting skills from her.

I heard the footsteps coming before she did. She turned to the men who appeared there, her eyes widening in fright.

“Mrs. Spencer you’re under arrest for trespassing, stalking and violating a restraining order.” They rattled off a list of her infractions as she yelled for me to help her. I closed the gate behind me and walked back to the party. One thought plagued me as I walked over to my wife and hugged her to my side. Who had been her intended victim, Vanessa or me?


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