Taming His Tutor(6)

By: Natalie Anderson

Mortified, she fumbled with her security pass, then scuttled into the building, her body still burning as she rode the elevator to the fifth floor.

“Oh my, you look edible.” Nadia walked over to Abbi as soon as she saw her hurrying to her cubicle. “You sure you don’t want to experiment with your inner lesbian instead?”

Abbi shook her head but smiled. “Thanks anyway. I appreciate the boost.”

Nadia was the most generous person Abbi’d ever met, but she was also Ms. Action Woman. A few weeks ago when Abbi had shared the Scott debacle, Nadia had marched her to her personal tailor the same day and demanded express service. She’d pushed Abbi toward new dresses, shoes, makeup…and most importantly, attitude.

“Obligatory gay BFF at your service.” Nadia curtsied, holding out an imaginary skirt from her leather micro-shorts-clad legs—an outfit bordering on the inappropriate, even given the fact that it was Saturday and there’d be no visitors to HQ. “You’re killing me with that dress. Promise me you’ll wear it to the party. Why do you want a guy so bad when you could have me?” Nadia looked her up and down again and smacked her lips in satisfaction. “I do believe we’ve done it. Transformation to vixen, complete.”

“No, I’m so not.” Abbi pressed her cold hands to her still-flaming cheeks as she rounded her desk. “I just embarrassed myself like you wouldn’t believe.”

“How?” Nadia leaned her elbow on the top of the partition. “Spill.”

“Can’t. Need time to get over it.” More time to let her heart normalize. It was knocking the heck out of her rib cage from the thrill of Joe’s big hand holding her wrist so hard. And to be turned on by something as minor as that…?

Okay, he was also handsome. And had a smile that could melt any woman’s permanently welded chastity belt.

“This involves a guy?” Nadia wrinkled her nose at Abbi’s nod. “Tell all at coffee in an hour.”

“Deal.” She sank into her chair and stared at the piles of paperwork balancing in precarious towers around her supersize screen.

Great start to the day, Hayes. Really great.

She sighed and pushed the button to power up her computer. Her Vixenator app needed a whole lot more effort. So did she. Most of the articles urged restraint with smexy talk—too soon was too strong. Well, they were right. She’d definitely put that article at the top in the app. But she’d had the vixen stuff in her head, and Joe Fuller in her face and…ugh. He must think she was such a loser.

It was her fault for being so late out of the blocks. Most girls got “how to score” skills way sooner. But while Abbi had developed physically before all of them, she’d hidden from the sexual attention. Other girls appeared to revel in it. She’d never learned to deal with the attention. To harness it or even enjoy it.

Time for a change. She was twenty-five years old and had taken a grand total of two lovers. One for less than a year. The other a one-night stand from hell. She’d never experienced the mind-numbing orgasms she’d read about. She was always too aware of the awkwardness of the moment.

She should be embracing it—enjoying herself. She just needed confidence. Confidence and some moves. No more boring.

She sighed again and tried to put the angst to the back of her mind. There was a systems update to do.

“They’ve got the best photo shoot happening downstairs. You gotta come watch.” Nadia reappeared over her partition less than half an hour later.

“I’ve already told you I’m not into girls.” Abbi chuckled. The mag had its own image studio on the floor below and frequently did shoots with models and celebs. She knew today’s shoot was for a personal training layout and she had no interest in checking out a bunch of Lycra-clad women with perfect fit bodies.

“No, there’s one for you too.” Nadia winked. “Come on, you’re going to thank me for it.”

“Like I’m going to thank you for this?” Abbi held up the hot-pink vibrator, still in its sterilized packaging. Nadia had left it beside her keyboard three days ago.

One of the bonuses about working at the magazine was the product sampling. Abbi liked the edible freebies best, but Nadia kept handing her the sex samples.

“Oh, you should so thank me for that.” Nadia frowned. “How can you not have taken it home yet?” She threw her hands in the air. “I’m trying so hard for you, and you’re not holding up your end of the bargain.”

“I’m doing the literature review first.” Abbi waved her hand over the pile of how-to articles she’d pulled.

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