Taming His Tutor(10)

By: Natalie Anderson

“Of course.” He nodded. “You always did. But do you really have to be so au fait with the app content?” he asked. “Aren’t you just supposed to create the digital framework and information delivery system?”

Her eyes widened at his ease with the techno-patter. But she shouldn’t be surprised he knew the lingo. He was a smart man. “Of course I’m interested in the content,” she said, drumming up a quick defense. “I want what’s best for our customers.” She offered a bright smile. “I want it to be accurate, exciting, and entertaining. We’re not just competing against other women’s magazines for customer attention, but all forms of female entertainment—TV, books, blogs, movies, music—”

“But how can you be sure it’s accurate?” he shot back with lethal precision.

For a split second her smile died. He doubted her knowledge? Of course he did. But Abbi squared her shoulders and lifted her chin another notch higher. She wasn’t going to crumble in front of him again in some hot mess of mortification. Couldn’t she answer back with some kind of wit? What would Sasha Fox say?

In a flash it came to her.

She felt the smile of smug success spread over her face even as she slowly cooed her “Foxy” reply. “I know firsthand.”

Innuendo? Not too much—it was all in the inflection, the smile… And for once in her life she’d nailed it.

His eyes narrowed on her. “You do?”

She didn’t like the grin quirking his lips—it looked a little too amused. “Sure.”

“Because that’s yours?” He glanced at the vibrator. “That’s your ‘firsthand’?”

Ugh. Abbi turned on her seat and quickly covered the big pink superstar with yet another article. Too late, she noticed the headline read “Bondage: A Beginner’s Guide.”

She cleared her throat and spun her chair back to face him. “I have lots of products to test.”

“You always were big on research, backing up your facts, using lots of strategies to work things out,” he said softly. “People sometimes don’t realize how creative a math genius can be.”

Oh God, she was blushing even more. Creative? She so wasn’t creative. Scott had insisted she was duller than an inflatable doll as he walked out the door.

“So you’re confident in the advice you’re giving them?” Joe asked.

“Absolutely,” she lied, her last remnants of pride helping her.

“Absolutely,” he echoed. Then he flashed his so-sexy broad smile full-beam at her. “I’d love to see that in action.” He turned and rested his hip on the edge of her desk. “You know there’s a game tonight. Why don’t you come along?”

She frowned. Come along to what game? Then it dawned on her. “The baseball game?” Baseball freak she wasn’t, but even she knew the San Francisco Giants were playing for the pennant. There wasn’t a ticket left in town.

“That’s the one.” He grinned. “I’ve got tickets to a corporate box—you know, drinks, snacks, and a great view.” He winked.

She had the great view in front of her already, and given that wink, he knew it. She tried to process his words: ticket, drinks…more view? Did he mean he wanted her to go with him? Like on a date or something?

No way. Surely not. Hell no…

But how was a girl supposed to think when Joe Fuller was looking that hotly at her?

“It would be the perfect venue to test your data, don’t you think?” He studied her. “You’re going to need quite some moves to distract a man from his ball game.”

Abbi blinked at his words, the way his voice had lowered. And the penny finally dropped.

This was a dare. This was Joe “Always Gotta Win” Fuller daring her. And she was melting quicker than a snowflake in the sun.

“I can pick you up,” Joe invited in an easy tone. “Or you can meet me at the corporate entrance, an hour before the game.”

She might have managed five seconds of flirt, but a whole evening? And somehow prove her “man-eating” abilities to this ultimate playboy?

Never gonna happen.

“Unless you’re afraid,” he taunted.

How did his words have such an effect on her? She was searing like a steak on a grill and she couldn’t turn down the strength.

“Abbi.” Joe bent down so his eyes were level with hers and spoke slowly, each word branded onto her sizzling skin. “I want you to come.”

Chapter Four

“Body language, and most of all eye contact, makes all the difference.”

He wanted. Her. To come.

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