Stepbrother Obsessed(9)

By: Devon Hartford

I think.

“You mean that?” she asks shrewdly.

“Of course. Guys like him are everywhere.”

She grins, “You are such a liar. Guys like him are nowhere. They don’t exist.”

I laugh, “Then can I have him?”

She chuckles, “You do want him, don’t you?”

I sigh heavily. “Who wouldn’t.”

“Thought so. I have an idea,” she says, eyes on the road.

“When don’t you?” I giggle.

“That’s why you love me. Cause I’m so much fun.”

“So, what’s your idea?”

“How about we let him pick.”

“What do you mean?”

“We both know we’re going to be flirting with him like crazy at the water park all day, right?”

“Yeah,” I grin. Although we’re both notorious flirts, usually the flirting is just for fun. This feels like it’s for real.

She drums her fingers on the steering wheel. “The rule is, neither of us makes a move. Let him make the first move. Whoever he goes for first gets him.”

“What if he doesn’t make any moves?”

“Oh, he will. He already gave us these beers and invited us to go someplace secluded. This guy is a total player.”

“What if he wants a threesome?” I gasp.

“What if he does?” she giggles.


She laughs. “I’d totally toss your salad, Skye.”

“ROX!!!” This is news to me. We’ve never dabbled in diddling each other, but we are BFSFs. Best Friends Since Forever. Who am I kidding? I barely have any experience with guys. I’m not jumping into a threesome with my bestie. It sounds WAY too complicated.

“Okay, no menage-a-twat,” she snickers. “Whoever he goes after first gets him. Can you handle that?”

“I can if you can.” I say confidently. I don’t feel confident, but I play confident on TV. JK.

“I know it’s going to be hard for you to keep your hands off him, but I promise I won’t do anything if you won’t. Deal?”

I glance over at my best friend.

A thick spray of dark curls spills out of her ponytail. When her hair is down, it’s this living thing with a mind of its own that guys love. They also love her delicate features and flawless skin. I don’t know how the hell she never has any zits, but she doesn’t. And her blue eyes are incredible. They’re so blue they are actually blue. Not muted, not pastel, but sky blue. I’ve never seen anyone with eyes like hers. You’d think with a name like Skye, I’d be the one with the sky blue eyes, but somehow Rox got them. Mine are just gray. Maybe we were switched at birth. I don’t know. Also, my hair is nowhere near as luxurious as hers. Right now it’s in a boring ponytail. My blonde hair is only shoulder length because it’s very fine, so it doesn’t grow much longer without breaking. I do have a wispy shag cut with long bangs, which looks good on me, but it doesn’t scream SEX!!! like Rox’s hair. Plus, mine takes way more work than hers if I want to wear it down.

Anyway, between her looks, her outgoing personality and her body—it’s a work of art, believe me—she’s the shoe-in with Mr. Miracle. I’m not ugly by any stretch, but if you were to put Roxanne and me head to head in a beauty contest, I think most guys would prefer her. In a wet T-shirt contest, she would win every time. I’ve seen her boobs. She will never need to get implants. Me on the other hand…you never know.

I sigh and gaze out the front window at the sun drenched foothills to the north. Twin Peaks and Mount Baldy are up there somewhere. Twin Peaks is also sitting right next to me. Groan. And Mount Baldy, because one time Rox gave herself a Brazilian wax job, but that’s another story entirely.

“What?” Rox asks thoughtfully.

“Nothing,” I lie and sigh. “We could turn around and go home, you know.”

She cocks her head, “Do you really want to do that? Don’t you want to find out if he’s into you?”

“What if he’s into you?”

“Only one way to know for sure,” she says with a huge smile on her face.

The one thing I know for sure is, if he’s not into Rox, she’ll be onto the next guy before the sun goes down. With any luck, she’ll find some hot guy at Blazing Waters first thing, then she’ll wander off with him. Here’s to luck.

“Remember,” I smile back half-heartedly, “no matter who he picks, no hate from the other person.” I feel like I’m saying it to remind myself more than anything.

“That’s totally fine because he’s going to pick me,” she giggles. “So don’t be jealous.” She giggles again, a bit more nervously than before. “Neither of us makes the first move, right?”

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