Stepbrother Obsessed(8)

By: Devon Hartford

Roxanne says, “I’ll take it.” Somehow she snuck up beside me without me noticing. I guess she’s not in a hurry to leave all of a sudden?

He tosses it toward her.

Roxanne catches it and grins, “Thanks.” Roxanne has always been more of a risk taker than me.

“De nada.” He smiles at me. “Here, you take one.” Before I can object, he tosses the beer at me.

Surprised, I drop my water bottle and Peanut Butter M&Ms, which are probably mush by now, and grab for the beer like a first class spaz. I almost drop the can, but manage to hold on, preventing a frothy beer suds explosion.

“Easy,” he chuckles.

Now I feel stupid. I squat down and pick up my water and M&Ms. I’m not normally this much of a spaz. I was on JV Volleyball until my dad made me load up on AP classes junior year. He also expected me to keep my grades up. Between that and never getting the growth spurt I was hoping for, I quit the team. Anyway, I have good hands and I’m not a spaz. So I blame Mr. Miracle for throwing me off my game today.

“You guys wanna help me drink them?” Mr. Miracle asks casually.

“Here?” I snap.

“Naw. Some place nice. Are there any good parks around here? Or maybe some trails? Some place with a good view where we can relax?”

Why does it sound like he’s trying to get us alone and get us drunk so he can molest us? Not that I would mind. But a six pack isn’t going to get all of us stupid drunk. Rox and I are both good for two beers without losing our good sense. And Mr. Miracle is way too hot to be a molester, but this still seems weird.

I glance at Rox for support.

She’s looking all over the place. She does that when she’s nervous.

I don’t know what to do.

Sure, I’m tempted to jump into Mr. Miracle’s arms and tell him he can take me anywhere he wants, do anything with me he can dream of (as long as it involves orgasms and not murder), thereby fulfilling my wildest teenaged dreams. But I’m also very aware that Roxanne is with me, which nixes the wildest dreams part. I’m not into three-ways, at least I think I’m not. And let’s be real. I don’t know this guy. He just offered beer to a couple of high school girls.

That’s bad, right?

No matter how hot the guy is?

Especially if somehow the cops get involved. That never looks good on your college transcript. Did I mention that I’ve been dreaming of going to SDU when I graduate, for like, ever? I really don’t want to screw up my chances of getting in by doing something stupid.

A wicked smile lights up Rox’s face, “I have an idea!” She always does. “Do you want to go to Blazing Waters with us? Over in San Dimas? It’s a water slide park.”

Mr. Miracle grins, “What… now?”

“Yeah.” Roxanne tends to take the reins when it comes to adventuring. “Do you have a swimsuit?”

He nods. “In my bag.”

“You can follow us there.”

His cheek dimples, “I could do a water park.”

He could do me, I think but don’t say.

“Really?” Roxanne beams.

“Yeah.” He straps his backpack to his motorcycle with the red net.

“You want to follow us?” Rox suggests, already climbing back into the Toyota. She isn’t wasting any time.

Mr. Miracle swings a leg over his seat. “Yeah.”

My heart is jumping all over the place as Rox drives the Toyota out of the parking lot. All I can think about is what lies beneath Mr. Miracle’s clothes.

I’m going to see him in his bathing suit.

The inside of my thighs are literally quivering with anticipation.

Why, you ask?



oOoOoOo + O+O+O+O

“OMG, Skye! Biker Boy is way too hot for his own good,” Roxanne marvels. “I’m having heart palpitations.” She squeezes her hand to her chest and giggles.

“I call dibs!” I bark as we drive away from 7-Eleven. I watch Mr. Miracle in the side mirror. He’s following behind on his motorcycle.

“No way!” Rox shouts. “I saw him first!”

“No you didn’t!”

“Did too! When he walked into 7-Eleven! You were lecturing me about my caffeine addiction or some nonsense. He is so mine!”

Roxanne and I have never had a serious fight over a boy before. But this is a man. And there’s a first time for everything. I just hope it isn’t today. Rox seems really into him.

I sigh, “Rox, there’s no way I’m letting a guy come between us. If you really want him, he’s yours.” I can’t believe I’m saying it, but when the words come out of my mouth, I know I mean them.

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