Stepbrother Obsessed(144)

By: Devon Hartford

Psycho Blue Eyes had made me forget all about Red Face. But Red Face had brought back everything else.


All because of something I did…


A mistake I could never undo…


Something I would regret for the rest of my life…


Horribly late, I pulled into the north parking lot at SDU. Coffee sloshed around the soles of my flat sandals every time I braked or accelerated. I would have to deal with it later.

The parking lot was the size of a small town, and packed with cars. I grabbed the first available space. I had to shoehorn my VW between the two jackholes who had parked Daddy’s BMW and Mommy’s Lexus over the white line on either side of the space.

My car door bumped into the Lexus when I opened it, leaving me no more than a mail slot to squeeze through. I was by no means fat, but I barely made it out of my car.

I jogged across the lot toward the business school. My feet stuck to my sticky sandals, peeling off with very step. Lame. My book bag felt like it was loaded with bricks. Sweat would be running down my face by the time I made it to the lecture hall. Stupid traffic.

At the end of the lot, a black motorcycle parked with the others caught my eye. Was that the bike blue-eyed Psycho Motorknight had ridden? I wasn’t sure. I doubted a guy like him went to college. He was probably heading to an early-morning drug buy or gang fight, by the looks of him.

My cell phone jangled. A text from my first and only friend in San Diego, Madison Lockhart.

Where r u? Class has started!

I texted her back. Late. Running. No pun. >:|

Her reply: Look 4 me at the back. I’ll save u a seat.

I shoved my phone in my pocket and maintained a fast walk. Although I knew where everything was, I didn’t remember things being so far apart.

When I finally reached the business school and crept into the back of the immense lecture hall, nobody paid any attention to me. The professor didn’t even notice. Yes, I half-expected the entire class to stand as one to point and name-call at the new girl, but no one did.

The nice thing about giant schools like SDU was that I could disappear into the crowd. Nobody cared about Samantha Smith.

I was finally anonymous.

I hoped it would stay that way.

I slid into the seat next to Madison. She and I had met last week during the orientation tour. She was total BFF material. When I’d told her I was from D.C., she’d offered up her SUV to haul the new furniture I needed to buy, and helped me set up and decorate my apartment. “Hey, Mads,” I whispered.

“What took you so long?” she hissed.

“I got stuck in traffic.”

Madison wrinkled her nose. “Why do you smell like coffee?”

“Long story,” I groaned. I considered skulking to the nearest bathroom to rinse my feet in the sink, but my coffee odor would have to wait.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered, “I’ll email you my notes later. You haven’t missed much.”

That was for sure. Fundamentals of Accounting. One of the lower division classes for my major. Gag. I was on the fast track. I couldn’t wait to graduate and get my CPA. My mom and dad would be so proud. Yay. Sort of. Who really wanted to be an accountant?

I pulled out my laptop and turned it on. I had a moment to look around at the other students in the room. They all seemed to be earnestly following the professor’s every word. Was I the only one who didn’t really want to be taking accounting? I mean, I know college is an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets. But why did my major have to be something sensible and boring like Accounting?

Because you’re good with numbers, my mother had encouraged. Rah, Mom. Because accounting is a safe, dependable career, my dad had said. Go, Dad. Maybe they were right. I screwed up everything else I tried. I had the scars to prove it. Maybe something safe and dependable was exactly what I needed.

Might as well make the most of it.

Samantha Smith, CPA.

Groan. My name was as boring as my major.

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