Stepbrother Obsessed(10)

By: Devon Hartford

“Pinky swear?” I hold up my finger.

She hooks hers around mine. “Pinky swear,” she says with finality.

As we drive east along the 210 freeway toward San Dimas and Blazing Waters, I feel electric anticipation crackling between us. Rox and I have had some squabbles over the years. No friendship is perfect. Luckily, our problems were never anything we couldn’t get over, even when it involved boy drama. I would never want to lose my best friend over a stupid guy.

Roxanne is way too important to me.

But Mr. Miracle is hot in a way that literally makes me crazy.

Maybe this was a bad idea…

Chapter 2

“Do you mind if I leave my stuff in your trunk?” Mr. Miracle asks after we park in the crowded lot at Blazing Waters.

He can leave anything of his anywhere he wants, but this is Roxanne’s mom’s car, so it’s her call.

“Sure,” Roxanne says, opening the trunk.

Mr. Miracle unstraps his backpack from his dusty black motorcycle and sets it in the trunk.

I like the idea of Mr. Miracle leaving his stuff with us. It connects him to us. I don’t want him getting away. No matter who he picks. Especially if it’s me.

He removes his shades and takes off his helmet, which he sets next to his bag. He runs his hand through his golden hair, pushing it out of his face.

Oh my glob.

His eyes are literally sparkling like gemstones. Maybe it’s the bright California sun, but I swear, if his emerald green eyes were set into gold bands, they’d make a fab pair of wedding rings.

Did I say wedding?

I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Or not.

Because Mr. Miracle is grinning at me like he’s the bashful one. Does this mean he’s picking me? I steal a glance at Rox, partially because that grin of his is making me squirm, and partially because I want to see what Rox is thinking.

She’s watching his eyes closely and chewing her lower lip hungrily.

My eyes are magnetically pulled back to Mr. Miracle as he stretches out of his leather jacket. The material of his T-shirt stretches over his muscles and lifts to give a glimpse of his rippled and tan stomach. The lines of his abs angle toward his jeans.

Is he wearing underwear? I’m going with no, because I can see happy trail.

Rox and I are both transfixed. It’s like a striptease and he’s not even undressing.

He drops his jacket in the trunk. His tight T-shirt hugs his built body. Broad shoulders. Defined chest. Muscled arms. Both forearms are covered in tattooed flames that climb up to his elbows.


“Gotta get my swimsuit,” Mr. Miracle says and leans into the trunk to fish through his bag. The flames on his forearms flicker as his fingers work through his backpack. His shirt inches up his sculpted back, which is defined with hard muscles. A minute later, he tugs out board shorts. “You mind if I change now?”

“Yes,” I moan, not even sure what I’m saying. I’m fully prepared to answer every question he asks me with “Yes, yes,” and more “Yes!” You know what I mean.

His brows knit together.

“She means no,” Roxanne adds.

He grins and nods. Without a second thought, he peels his T-shirt over his head.

Oh. My. Abs.

All eight of them writhe.

I am hypnotized.

Rox grabs my wrist and squeezes it.

Yeah, we’re both freaking out.

Normally, Rox and I would take off our shirts and shorts and drop them into the trunk before going into the park without a second thought. But I suddenly feel nervous about doing it in front of The Bod God.

The Bod God, a.k.a. Mr. Miracle, a.k.a. Every Woman’s Flesh Fantasy, tosses his T-shirt on top of his bag in the trunk.

I want to lunge for that shirt, bunch it up in my face, and inhale deeply. I want to take it home and stuff it in my pillow and cuddle with it every night from here until eternity.

From the look on Rox’s face, she’s thinking the same thing.

The Bod God sits on the back bumper of the Toyota and slides his boots off. Then his socks.

Gawd, even his tan feet are sexy.

I’m about to pass out.

He stands up and reaches down to unbutton his jeans.


That’s the sound of my and Rox’s jaws hitting the ground.

The Bod God narrows his eyes. It is the sexiest look I’ve ever seen on a male member—I said member… giggle—of the species. His face makes that cocky dimple again. Cock!

I am melting.

I think Rox is having a stroke.

“Aren’t you guys gonna change?” The Bod God asks.

Rox and I respond by drooling.

“I’ll change over here,” he says with a hint of bashfulness. He grabs his board shorts out of the trunk and walks around the side of the Toyota. Although there’s a big SUV parked next to it, and more cars all around, it’s not exactly a changing room at Target. Privacy is an afterthought.

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