He Found Me(85)

By: Whitney Barbetti

To Sona Babani, my best friend and the most honest and hilarious person I know. Thank you for every positive thing you said, and for the dozens of screenshots of my many mistakes. Thanks for being excited for me, for reading every draft I sent you and the incredible amount of feedback through every step of the way. Our fourteen year friendship is one of the most treasured things in my life and I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Can’t wait to tackle you again.

To Wilma Bristol, my supervisor and friend – your enthusiasm for this project made a huge impact on my desire to finish. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me whenever you were giddy with excitement to read more, especially knowing that you do not like to read. Thank you for treating my family like your own and for celebrating every small step I made with his book.

Early drafts of my book were sent to only a handful of people, but one of them, Tracie Ingram, returned an email LOADED with important feedback. I was feeling so much conflict with some parts of Chapter Two and Tracie, your suggestions were invaluable. Thank you for reading this and providing me your thoughts along the way, and for making me feel like I could do this.

Thank you to my good friends for your encouragement and excitement, especially my Army wife friends. Debbie Snyder, thank you for delivering me Twizzlers in my time of need and for going to the movies with my boys so I could write uninterrupted. And for being such an excellent human being in general.

Tarryn Fisher, you don’t know me, but you inspire me. I read Mud Vein towards the end of finishing this manuscript and felt ripped open. I fueled that pain into one scene in this novel and walked away feeling free. Thank you for inspiring me, for unknowingly making me try harder, do better. Your talent for writing is unparalleled, your storytelling is flawless. I have this feeling that you radiate power, and I hope to meet you one day and feel it for myself.

I thank you, the reader, for picking up my book and giving it a chance. I know there are so many novels out there to read, and I’m honored you chose mine. Please email me if you want to talk, and I hope you follow me along this ride.

And finally, I have to thank my Savior above. I hope to always seek you, and to always grow in my relationship with you. Thank you for my many blessings.

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