Bearfoot and Pregnant(8)

By: Milly Taiden

Gerri’s brows dipped over her beautiful blue eyes. “Yes.” Then she smiled. “Too many to remember?”

“Hardly. How about never.” She could have probably changed that to at least once if she had taken Massimo up on his offer, but she had a feeling he was more interested in a booty call than an actual date.

Gerri’s eyes widened in surprise. “Now you are the one messing with me.”

“Nope. Not even a little.” She shrugged. “As nice as I try to be, most men don’t care about a woman’s personality. It’s her body they are more concerned with and I don’t have one that is ‘sexy.’”

“Says who?”

“Um, every man I’ve ever met, dated, and the one jerk I was married to for six months.”

If possible, that response made Gerri’s eyes widen even more. “You’ve been married?”

She giggled. “I’m thirty-seven years old. I’ve done it all except finding a man worth my time.”

“Oh, honey,” Gerri said and patted her hand. “This trip will be good for you.”

“Don’t feel bad. I’ve learned not to expect a man will show up and make me happy. I have to make myself happy.”

Gerri nodded. “At least you have that right. You should make yourself happy. But wouldn’t you like to have more? A nice relationship with someone who loves and wants you?”

She blew a raspberry. “I want all that, yes…”

“Come on.” Gerri grinned. “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

Cassie burst into laughter. “I want good sex with a non-motorized penis attached to a body that will hold me after.”

“That’s it!” Gerri stood, her long blue skirt swishing around her legs. “You’re coming to Aurora and I promise to find you a mate.”

“Gerri,” she laughed at the other woman’s outrage. “I just want to get laid properly.” She might have gotten that with Massimo but there was no spark. With all his good looks, he hadn’t done it for her. “I will take that over marriage and relationships any day.”

“Well then,” Gerri nodded like she was a genie granting a wish, “great sex it is.” Gerri winked. “I have a feeling we can get some multiple orgasms in your near future.”

Yeah. Cassie had a feeling she could get those too if she took her toy collection on this imaginary trip.


Talen glanced at the crowded ballroom. His skin began to prickle and itch. He tugged at the neckline of his shirt. He’d always hated large gatherings. He couldn’t pin point a reason, but it always made him feel like he was on display. His mother used to love entertaining the clan and other tribe families.

She made sure Tal was dressed up and ready to host along with her at all times. Whether he wanted to or not.

“Tal, good to see you after so many years,” Karel, Alyx’s security chief greeted him with a welcoming smile.

“Thanks,” he said, looking for a place away from the crowd. “It’s been a while.”

Karel must have noticed his discomfort because he motioned for him to follow him. “Come on, Alyx is looking forward to speaking with you. He was happy to know you decided to come and meet his wife.”

Talen’s guilt increased over his lack of physical communication with Alyx and Karel. They had always been good friends to him.

They reached Alyx’s library and found him filling a glass with the local wine, Sidaii. “Alyx, look who I found,” Karel joked.

Alyx turned to face them and grinned. He put the glass down and marched over to Talen to give him a shake of the hand and a half hug with a hard pat on the back of his shoulder. “It’s good to see you, Tal. It’s been too long. How are you?”

“Doing well. The clan has been steadily adjusting to having me as their leader. We’ve had minor problems, but otherwise all seems under control.” He told Alyx what he knew was true.

Alyx nodded and returned to the wine. “Can I offer you a glass?”

Talen sighed. What the hell? He’d been on edge all day. At least some wine would help him feel more at ease. “Yes. How’s your mate and the kids?”

A smile unlike any he’d seen on Alyx’s face appeared. “Bella is more amazing than I could have ever hoped. The babies are perfect.”

Talen nodded. “I understand the first born was a girl?”

Alyx chuckled and handed him a glass of wine. “Yes. Avery beat her brothers by about a minute. She’s the official future queen.”

“And she’s got a temper like her father,” Karel laughed.

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